• Elizabeth

Arkansas Casual Country Styled Shoot

Styled shoots are one of my favorites! I love the planning and creative process involved in this type of session. The theme of this shoot was completely inspired by my love of several old crates in my prop collection. I love the detail in them. Especially the wobbly cursive on the side used to mail something long ago. The trunk was added in to serve as a table and accented with two barrels for the floral arrangements. I love how all of the individual items worked together to enhance the casual country vibe I envisioned.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Savanna Hawkins (https://www.facebook.com/savanna.hawkins) on this shoot and she did such a lovely job on our model Morgan's makeup! I love the soft pink hues she used to invoke the casual glamour of the shoot. Savanna really enhanced Morgan's natural beauty in a way that allowed her to shine!

And lets just talk about those AMAZING eyelashes! LOVE! They provide the perfect touch of drama! I'm totally obsessed with dramatic full lashes!

Check out those boots! They are so cute and were so perfect with the wedding dress that Morgan modeled!

I really wanted to push myself to think creatively by not purchasing any florals for this shoot. It was hard, I wanted to make sure that I could achieve the exact look that I envisioned and I love how it out. If you happened to be driving through Greenbrier last Saturday and saw two people hiking out of the woods loaded down with branches it was probably Hayden and I. I am so glad that Hayden trusted my vision enough to hike through the woods with me (and haul all of my heavy stuff around lol!).

I am always a huge fan of the golden tones the setting sun brings out! The halo of light around Morgan was gorgeous!

This is by far my favorite image form the session! I love to do something different and when I saw the blanket of flowers I knew that I had to have Morgan lay right in it! I usually keep a sheet in the car to protect the dress because well, it's pretty much guaranteed that I am going to try something that gets the dress a tad dirty. Unfortunately we jumped in another vehicle, chasing the last hint of light, and left without it! But it was worth a tiny bit of dirt for this image!!

Right across the street from the field of white flowers was a entire yard of purple flowers (honestly it was a yard)!

Styled shoots have defiantly won my heart and I am STOKED about styled sessions we are going to be doing this summer! Stay tuned for more gorgeous models and fun collaborations!