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Since we will be spending a lot of time together on the big day, let's get to know each other!

Hayden and I have been married for eight years (I'm going to be super honest and let you know I had no idea haha- I had to ask Hayden!). We have two adorable little girls who are our whole world and we love spending time as a family! Whether its reading, cuddling on the couch or having dance parties in the living room we love to be together. Being able to work together is a huge blessing for us and we thoroughly enjoy it!

We are both crazy about having razor sharp images. I love working one on one with my brides, helping them through every step of their special day. Creating timelines and getting crazy picky over the sharpness of your photos is my jam (you will see every eyelash on those goregous eyes of yours should you choose to have a wall size image in your new home!).

Hayden enjoys hanging out with the guys and hitting the dance floor for some close up images of the fun! He really shines when getting the guys to loosen up a bit and smile for pictures! We like to keep it fun by having an ongoing competition to see who has the best image from each wedding. We're both really competitive soooooooo just know we're both in it too win it! lol  

We would love to capture your love story and understand this is a BIG decision! Lets get together and talk about your wedding day!! We whant you to LOVE not just your images but your entire experience! 

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